For the rolls:
20-25 sheets of rice paper (use 6-inch diameter)
1-2 Tablespoons of Pompeian Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil
14 ounce firm tofu, pressed and drained

For the Peanut Dipping Sauce:
1/4 cup creamy salted peanut butter
2-3 Tablespoons unsweetened plant-based milk
1 Tablespoons maple syrup
1/2 Tablespoon Pompeian Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Juice of half lime
Crushed dry roasted peanuts (optional)
Additional filling suggestions: Lettuce leaves, mint, cilantro and shredded purple cabbage, carrot or cucumber


  1. Heat a non-stick pan with 1 Tablespoon Pompeian Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil, pan-fry tofu until golden brown. Remove, cut into strips and set aside.
  2. To make the peanut sauce, place peanut butter in a bowl, then add Pompeian Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the rest of the dipping sauce ingredients. Whisk vigorously until well combined. Note: Add in lime juice or more liquid for a thinner dipping sauce.
  3. To make the spring rolls, fill a large bowl with warm water. Take a rice paper and soak it in water quickly. Wrapper should still be slightly firm.
  4. Lay softened wrapper on a cleaned surface. Add desired filling ingredients in the middle, start with lettuce, then tofu and end with mint or cilantro. Lift the bottom edge of the rice paper and fold it over the filling. Tuck in the ingredients tightly while doing this. Bring the sides of the wrapper to the middle and roll to seal.
  5. Place the prepared rolls seam side down and cover with a damp paper towel. Repeat with the remaining ingredients.
  6. Serve at room temperature with peanut dipping sauce.